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“A powerful, life-changing curriculum that is thoroughly biblical, yet scientifically accurate.”

Our story so far…

We know rescue missions because we’ve worked with some of the best over these past ten years.

Time and time again, we see the effects of childhood trauma and abuse holding back the progress we should see in recovery. ACE Overcomers training is here to help you stop this cycle through our Bible-based program of retaining the brain and resetting the nervous system of your clients – so they can focus on and engage with recovery.

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“I heartily recommend the ACE Overcomers program. It is a powerful, life-changing curriculum that is thoroughly biblical, yet scientifically accurate. Nearly all our clients are wounded from child abuse and dysfunction. ACE Overcomers will greatly benefit your program. I recommend it without hesitation.

Bruce Metcalf

Chief Executive Officer, Merced County Rescue Mission | Merced, CA

Our Mission…

ACE Overcomers improves the physical, emotional, and spiritual lives of men, women, and children through proven, evidence-based classes and curriculum.

The mission of ACE Overcomers is to break the generational cycle of child abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction. We ensure every person has a fair chance of living healthy and productive lives by helping administrators and individuals understand and overcome the effects of trauma.

ACE Overcomers serves recovery ministries, schools, jails, and churches. Additionally, ACE Overcomers trains professionals in behavioral and mental health fields, educators, court and law enforcement officers. Internationally, ACE reaches into Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo.

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